Who are your coaches?

Compliance Coach is an initiative of the 4N6 Factory a consulting boutique with over 25 years of experience in supporting corporations in matters of Compliance Management, Corporate Integrity and Forensic Investigations.

Lukas Fischer founded the 4N6 Factory in 2011 after having worked for a Big 4 Consulting firm for over a decade. Over the years, Lukas acquired extensive knowledge in fraud and compliance risk management – in addition to his experience in fraud investigation and forensic in the audit services (FITA). His main skills are fraud prevention, detection and reaction methodologies, and he is also focusing on corporate ethics and integrity services.

Lukas serves as program director for the Forensic Accounting modules of the Controller Academy in Zürich.

Education: Master of Advanced Studies in Economic Crime Investigation (MAS), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration.

Peter Jonker joined the 4N6 Factory in 2012. After having worked for a local government, he joined a Big 4 consulting firm in The Netherlands in 1998 where he worked as an adviser on Business Ethics and Corporate Integrity. In 2007 he moved to the Swiss branch, where he was responsible for the Fraud Risk Management Services. In this capacity he supported many companies in developing and implementing compliance and corporate integrity programs.

Peter is a member of the UN Global Compact Working Group on Principle 10 (Anti-Corruption) and serves as a Lecturer in ‘Ethics and Leadership’ at the Executive MBA-program of the University of Zürich.

Education: Policy Sciences and Organisation Studies at the Tilburg University (Drs.) and post-doc at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration.


At the 4N6 Factory, we work together with independent experienced forensic and compliance specialists in multidisciplinary teams, bringing together the right knowledge and skills for each project. Currently our network consists of specialists in economic crime and IT, financial auditors, lawyers and state attorneys, fiduciaries and tax experts as well as sector specialists (e.g. insurance, banking).