What is the Compliance Coach?

The Compliance Coach is a service, offered by the 4N6 Factory, to support your company in its compliance challenges. Together, we discuss and define your compliance agenda, and commit to a planning with clear milestones and concrete deliverables.

Where traditional external consulting support often is project- or engagement-specific, the compliance coach is more ambitious; it is a mutual commitment to your compliance agenda, based on a contract and a fixed price. During regular meetings we discuss progress and identify follow-up initiatives on a broad range of topics like:

  • High level health check and benchmark of your compliance function
  • Development or review your compliance policies and procedures
  • Fraud and corruption risk assessment
  • Due diligence on third parties and business partners
  • Selection and implementation of whistleblowing hotlines
  • Development of fraud response process, fraud audit programs and corporate integrity survey
  • Support in building up compliance department or specific forensic investigation capabilities
  • Guidance on implementation of training and awareness programs (e.g. with dilemma games or training apps)
  • Latest insights and developments in the regulatory landscape
  • Awareness session for board / senior management from outside in perspective
  • Support in finding and selecting external compliance expertise

Of course we support in the follow-up on these topics as well – as part of the Compliance Coach arrangement or as an individual project. And of course we can also rely on our network of independent professionals if their specialist expertise is requested.